What do witches dream for?

„If witching dreams are really about closing my eyes and imagining things just to feel them once more, they still make me sad“, I tell my witch. „A minute of escape, but no real relief. But if they are all about pleading with the universe and convincing it to bend the rules, then witching dreamsContinue reading “What do witches dream for?”

See me with strawberries and cream

I wanted you to see mecurled up on my bedeating strawberries and creamwearing nothing but a shirttoo wide for meand I wanted you to pet my headand smile at meas gently and as warmas you would haveif you could haveever seen me this way. „At least I wore the dress I wanted to wear forContinue reading “See me with strawberries and cream”

Ice cream and wine in Dystopia

I am having ice cream and wine because I have had both in one of the happiest nights of my life.I did not know it back then. I thought the world would always be there and I had just figured out my personal relationship to things that just were and were good the way theyContinue reading “Ice cream and wine in Dystopia”

Picking up the shards

I am picking up the shardsto put them back together.But to have those shardsthings have to break,and breaking isn’t fair.Surviving isn’t fairbut has to be donefor now. Even when brokenly bleedingand bleedingly brokenI am still herealthough some of the pieceshave lost what held themtogether onceand are looking fornew places to go. „Witches transform“, I amContinue reading “Picking up the shards”

Update on the witching novel

I have to remind myself what I started this blog for, from time to time.Besides making sense of a situation that I suddenly found myself in and having somewhere to go to with certain thoughts and feelings, I wanted to document my writing process while working on my novel about a witch in Europe inContinue reading “Update on the witching novel”

My perfect witching dream

My perfect witching dreamis you waving at me from across the old hallof that very old train stationwhere we once metwhen Dystopia had noteaten up our souls yetand we would meet therewith other people all aroundtheir voices and their laughterand we would not carejust running onto each otherand showing each otherwhat wounded bits and partsContinue reading “My perfect witching dream”

The historical horror of living a life

A while ago, someone tried to convince me that it is okay for old people to die and those words were supposed to take away my sadness. I think that life is cruel and this is unfair. Blood is unfair.Blood running through this veins and transporting oxygen to this brain, only to one day stopContinue reading “The historical horror of living a life”

The things we burn for

I am holding my breathbecause the air I could breatheis not filled with youalthough I want it to. I stayed awakeand ran through the nightto the end of the worldlooking for you. I am not laughingbut I am embracingthe whole worldfor a second. I am not sadbut I am mourningthe world for it existsat all.Continue reading “The things we burn for”

Tale about my shoulders

I bought a dress today.It is a pretty dress,except for the shoulders. What do women need them for?Those shoulders and those arms?To lift things up? My pretty new dresskeeps me from usingthose shoulders and those arms. Where is my prince?Once I‘ve heardthat pretty girls do get a prince for this. But I forgot,I do haveContinue reading “Tale about my shoulders”

Do you know I’m in love with you already?

My thoughts always return to the moment when you entered my life.Actually, you have been in my life before, but before that moment which I remember, you were just someone.I am reliving the moment that you stopped being just someone and became more to me.I have to think of those months when the weather isContinue reading “Do you know I’m in love with you already?”

Tale about breaking

Once these eyes are openand don‘t see youI have to understand this strange worldall over again. Once these eyes are moving aroundin their leaking holesthey search for blue, yellow and greenfinding nothing but red. Once I am awakeI am breaking apartlearning the truth once againwithout you. Because once I am restingmy soul resets meand IContinue reading “Tale about breaking”

Tale about a witching hope

These are my thoughts on waiting for things to get better and for people to return.I think that having this hope is worth it all and allows for every possible emotion to take over and keep it up.It is very fragile, and always connected to fearing an outcome too painful to truly be imagined. MyContinue reading “Tale about a witching hope”

Words of a witch

„Early in my life, I had to understand that my family was broken and very soon stopped being real. Then, I experienced passionate love to turn into rage and result in knifes being pointed. The last thing to which I committed were my friends, and now that is gone too. There once was a warmContinue reading “Words of a witch”

Dystopia love

It‘s hard for you to get out of yourselfso I want to be under your skin. I want to hidethere in your shadowin your warmthbecause you know my painand I can guess those wordsthat are too hard for you to say. I want to be under your skinat least for once. I deny the spacethatContinue reading “Dystopia love”

The moment of witching

The sun had been golden all day, and the rain taking over the horizon from one second to the other was surprisingly dark and heavy.„When did you realize that you really were a witch?“, I ask Layla.Was it a lonely night on another kitchen floor?Too much wine?An aching heart asking for a spell?Or a darkContinue reading “The moment of witching”

A year later

It has been a year. Since my whole blog was set up to trick my mind into any other activity than hurting me constantly while surviving the gray months or years of the pandemic, I thought about writing something for this weird anniversary, but also was not sure about it being too much, maybe. TodayContinue reading “A year later”

Tale about witchcraft

Another night following a glowing evening in spring.We are sitting on my kitchen floor.No ice cream, this time.„Layla, I have been screaming too loud, lately“, I say to my witch. „It‘s your turn, now.“„My turn?“„Yes, this is your story, after all“, I remind both of us. Layla grins her witching grin. „That‘s right“, she saysContinue reading “Tale about witchcraft”

I’m still saying these things

You‘re not here anymoreand I‘m still saying these things. I‘m still saying these thingsthat I did not ever want to say before,that I did not even joke about. You‘re goneand I‘m still saying these thingsthat I wanted to say to you. I‘m still saying these thingsalthough you can‘t hear me. But I‘m still saying theseContinue reading “I’m still saying these things”

Thoughts on writing

I write for my blog / witching novel everyday, and I think about writing everyday because for someone like me in this strange new world there is not much left to do. But tiring and distasteful lockdown jokes aside – I have some thoughts on writing which I would like to share. Never before inContinue reading “Thoughts on writing”

The life of a witch

The life of a witch is social deconstruction. A witch is a deconstructed person.Being accused of witchcraft in early modern europe did not mean to be accused of being a human having committed a serious crime. Being a witch meant to have let the soul inside your body rot and having become a new andContinue reading “The life of a witch”

Lick me when I’m leaking

I‘m leakingout of infectious witching eyeshaving dreams drop outhaving drowned in themwith favorite memories only ever imagined. I‘m leakingbecause his eyes once widened when I was shiveringwere so warmwere so widewere all I ever wanted to have seen me. I‘m leakingnot just after the one but all the thingsthat could have beenbut never wereand leaveContinue reading “Lick me when I’m leaking”

About memories

I remember how simply having all my memories could make me happy. I could easily convince myself once that things ending was not too sad, as long as they had been lived.When I was 23 and told this my 49 years old lover, he almost was personally insulted by the kind of strength that IContinue reading “About memories”

Spring, again.

Spring could be so pretty, it always made me sad. When the early sunrise was pink again, and the sun began to shine very careful after all these dark months. „I wish time would stop being linear“, I say to my witch. It was almost too warm to wear my boots, but only almost. IContinue reading “Spring, again.”

Flashing back

Good morning. How is your tea? Good. How is the cupcake? Delicious. I am having flashbacks to when Sophie and Kim left. Yes, me too. The snow is melting. It is getting warmer. The sky was pink in the morning. Beautiful. I am so homesick! Me too. The trees are still bare. Still almost dead.Continue reading “Flashing back”

How witches laugh

Those sounds that witches make are known to tear this world apart. Their voices cook the blood. Their little noises make skin shudder and freeze while burning.You want some more? Just touch the scar behind her ear, or the mark there on her thigh.A witch might even purr just like her cat, just give itContinue reading “How witches laugh”

Tale for all my ghosts

We‘re safe enough to suffocate.These walls are eating soulsby smothering the skinuntil what‘s inside is leaking out. We‘re already ghosts.You never saw my purple hair,and I don‘t even have a skinbecause you never touched it. When I am really happyI think of crying on your shoulder.And suddenly the pain is goodand I dream of beingContinue reading “Tale for all my ghosts”

Dystopia in February

„Living as a human being is over.“Thoughts arrive before the feeling.They happen and don‘t feel so bad at first, but are the first step of drowning in despair.I understood that just now, that I can think pain before it really arrives. „You say you‘re dead inside“, my witch says while skeptically eyeing the piece ofContinue reading “Dystopia in February”

Why witches drown

Witches drown because witches cannot drown. Witches are because witches are not.Witches are not real although, or maybe even because witchcraft does not work. Witches drown because someone caught a daydream Daddy did not approve of and someone has to die in the flames after once having burned in passion. Witches drown because the secretContinue reading “Why witches drown”

“There is a way to cure hysteria, you know?”

„Something has been lost“, I say to m witch. „It has always been invisible, but was still there, and now it‘s gone.“ „And how do you know it‘s gone?“, Layla asks. „I feel it.“ Just stop feeling, stop feeling it. It is invisibleIt is in this mind in this head this chestIt makes the heartContinue reading ““There is a way to cure hysteria, you know?””

“I envy the dead.”

„I envy the dead“, I say to my witch as we open up another bottle of wine. „I think they are better off.“ My witch does not respond. „And you know, ever since I have also lost someone in this pandemic, I feel like I am entitled to say so.“ Layla just nods, while fightingContinue reading ““I envy the dead.””

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