Lick me when I’m leaking

I‘m leaking
out of infectious witching eyes
having dreams drop out
having drowned in them
with favorite memories only ever imagined.

I‘m leaking
because his eyes once widened when I was shivering
were so warm
were so wide
were all I ever wanted to have seen me.

I‘m leaking
not just after the one but all the things
that could have been
but never were
and leave this world in deadly silence.

I‘m leaking
after things that saved what is inside
and now is lost
and soon forgotten
as is the warmth that once was there.

Lick me when I‘m leaking
because these things that have broken
are bigger than me
are bigger than you
are things that held the world together.

“Sometimes, pain is so intense, it’s almost comfortable again”, Layla giggled into our bottle of wine and I suddenly miss my mother’s kitchen and that one night when my phone suddenly received a message I will never forget.

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