Why witches burn

The image of the burning witch has become legendary. It is a known fact from history that certain, unique individuals have been burned by the stake for centuries, while the legend of the merciful executioner breaking their neck just before the suffering begins is mostly fiction.

But why exactly do witches burn? Or more specifically, how do witches burn?

A witch burns in every possible way, even before their life finds its legendary end in the flames.

A witch burns out of passion.
While doing so, a witch transforms a soul into something only possible outside the borders of this reality.
A witch explores needs that do not belong into this world.
Doing so, a witch is able to have the most vivid dreams about things that never were, and is able to trick the whole body into releasing just the right chemicals to feel things they never were granted to have.

But when caught, a witch is destined to burn alive, and thus bein purged on the inside from all the transformations their dreams and desires could possibly have caused.

Witches burn for a misunderstanding, cosmic father to welcome them back into a world that does not display their needs.

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