For their stories to be told

Demons to date

Witches fall in love with tragedies, and being loved by a witch has an awful lot to do with empty bottles and things happening only in thoughts and dreams.But witches are supposed to have options, right? These beings that bend the borders of reality have to have some options out of this world and forContinue reading “Demons to date”

Isolation call

Today, I called different people, because I really just needed to call someone and hear another person‘s voice and feel a little less alone. I called my grandmother, because her birthday was last sunday and she did not pick up the phone by then (can old people please stop doing this while a virus isContinue reading “Isolation call”


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In this writing, there is me, and there is Layla. Layla is the witch living in my kitchen during the global pandemic of 2020, and I try to research and write a novel about this person that happened to be burned as a witch.

I summoned Layla with chocolate and wine, and sometimes with ice cream, and we had the dark kind of fun, and were missing our boys, always good for a tale about surviving Dystopia.

And sometimes, we only exist at 4 AM, and write our tales about all the things that never were.

Seriously, read our stuff!

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Why witches burn

The image of the burning witch has become legendary. It is a known fact from history that certain, unique individuals have been burned by the stake for centuries, while the legend of the merciful executioner breaking their neck just before the suffering begins is mostly fiction. But why exactly do witches burn? Or more specifically,Continue reading “Why witches burn”

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