For their stories to be told

Thoughts on novel writing!

One thing I have always enjoyed about novels in reading as in writing is the possibility to narrate the whole life span of a person. To tell the events of several years or decades, and to explore how these different stages of a life might have felt, how big changes might have happened, and allContinue reading “Thoughts on novel writing!”

Tale for afterwards

What if I have dreamed my perfect witching dream and still have to fall asleep tonight? What if he was my sunset but a new day is already beginning? What if there was loss and there was pain and weight and joy and a smile and now is nothing?

The tears of a witch

„The tears of a witch are never honest“, he said with a voice tainted in darkness and waking up fear within every soul that might have listened. They knew about witches, and how they were believed too always be too much.A witch laughed too high and sweet for ears out of this world.A witch lovedContinue reading “The tears of a witch”


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In this writing, there is me, and there is Layla. Layla is the witch living in my kitchen during the global pandemic of 2020, and I try to research and write a novel about this person that happened to be burned as a witch.

I summoned Layla with chocolate and wine, and sometimes with ice cream, and we had the dark kind of fun

And sometimes, we only exist at 4 AM, and write our tales about all the things that never were.

Seriously, read our stuff!

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Why witches burn

The image of the burning witch has become legendary. It is a known fact from history that certain, unique individuals have been burned by the stake for centuries, while the legend of the merciful executioner breaking their neck just before the suffering begins is mostly fiction. But why exactly do witches burn? Or more specifically,Continue reading “Why witches burn”

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